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Ventilated Curtain Façades - the VCF System

As a result of the structural separation of the functions of thermal insulation and weather protection, the ventilated curtain façade (VCF) is a highly efficient system which is becoming increasingly significant as regards cost-effectiveness, ecology, durability and comfort. The VCF system is equally suitable for new buildings and for restoration projects.

The specific functions of the individual components are optimised in the VCF system. Viewed from the outside in, the structure is made up of:

  • Cladding (weather-resistant outer layer)
  • Ventilation (layer of air)
  • Thermal insulation
  • Support structure

Thanks to the wide variety of building materials and components on the market for VCF, architects have enormous scope when designing façades.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, the outer weather-resistant shell provides protection against mechanical and weathering influences. The system as a whole ensures that condensation from inside the house and from the building substance can escape unhindered and is discharged in the rear-ventilated zone. The result is façades that can breathe, guaranteeing a long life cycle. VCF permits the use of individually dimensioned insulation, generally made of non-combustible mineral material. Besides achieving efficiency ratings that fulfil the requirements on low-energy houses and save heating costs, this concept considerably reduces CO2 emissions.

The appropriate thickness of insulating material is fastened to the outer wall by mechanical means. The sub-structure later supports the cladding elements that protect the building substance. The support structure is then secured to the massive outside wall to complete the system.

Ventilated curtain façades allow for diversity of design and aesthetics as well as complying with standards on construction physics, meeting requirements on cost-effectiveness and long life with a high degree of technical perfection.