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Adhesive System for Façades: Approval for REYNOBOND 55 FR

Our adhesive system for façades approved to Z-10.8 – 350 has now been extended by the addition of “REYNOBOND 55 FR” cladding, which is approved to Z-33.2 – 1012.

Consequently, it is now possible to affix flat “REYNOBOND 55 FR” panels to aluminium support structures by a concealed fastening technique, providing a reasonably priced, safe outer wall cladding in curtain façades and in ventilated curtain façades.
We look forward to receiving your enquiry.
You will then receive our quotation with details of price per square metre, price per meter, and the number of components that are needed.
Further information about our adhesive system. >> Download PDF (500 KB)

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