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MBE façade rivets should only be implemented using the special MBE rivet setting device.

Adhesive system suitability
According to attachment A of authorization Z-10.8-350 “guideline verification of suitability” processing manufacturers of adhesive system have to be certified.

Verification of suitability for adhering of façade board is deemed to be adduced if executing manufacturer has been trained according to authorization Z-10.8…. by producer of adhesive system and executing manufacturer has to be examined by accredited constriction supervision, too.
Certificate of accredited test institute overlaps all authorization, i.e. all adhesive systems according to Z-10.8…can be processed if a training certificate by adhesive system producer is available

Installing stainless steel parts
When installing stainless steel parts in or near atmospheres with chloride content, it is essential to make sure that components are adequately protected against corrosion. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or require further information.